“La Mille Miglia”

Hi, Ceci, Finn, Gus, and Kieran!

This week in Italy there is a big auto race. Well, when it started in 1927, it was a race. These days, it is more like a car show, driving  from the city of Rome to the city of Brescia…and back again. By the end, the cars have gone nearly 2 thousand miles!

Of course, we wanted to see all the cars, especially the really old ones, called “Vintage” cars. We decided to go to the laundromat because we knew the  cars would be driving down that street!

In this photo, I am hurrying out of  the laundromat with my camera.  I was afraid I would miss  the cars! Can you see the “1000 Miglia” flag falling out of my purse?

Many others wanted to see the cars, too. Several people waited with us on the street. 

A  big crowd waited in Siena’s main piazza, called The Campo.  It’s where the great bareback horserace takes place on July 2.

 I’ll tell you more about that race another time, but NOW FOR THE “MILLE MIGLIA”  — 

First, we saw about 75  Italian, German, and British cars that looked like ones some people drive today.

Some of the cars looked the ones in “Cars”

I think Dad, Uncle Matt, and both Uncle Toms would like some of these,  don’t you?


This green Porsche was the first of the Vintage cars to arrive.

It was the most fun I’ve ever had doing laundry!

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