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Dear Ceci, Finn, Gus, Kieran and Mary,

I know you are really busy on Easter, and the days leading up to it, too.  Here in Cianciana, where I’m staying in Auntie Elizabeth’s Studio, things are also busy, even though Easter morning began very slowly here, with this sunrise outside the window. It’s actually two doors, with windows, and they open onto my little balcony, so I was able to stand outside the window to take this photo. :

Sunrise, Via Catania

Sunrise, Via Catania

One thing I noticed is that  everybody has been cleaning, during Holy Week!  They throw rugs over their balconies, and then beat them with a broom or stick. Also, I’ve noticed much more laundry handing out during Holy Week, than during other weeks.

The village's main street is the widest, so it's the best place to hang laundry.

The village’s main street is the widest, so it’s the best place to hang laundry.

On Good Friday, many children in town were in the big procession and play that take place every year on this day.

Cianciana Children, waiting for Jesus.

Cianciana Children, waiting for Jesus.

At the main church on Good Friday, a huge statue of Jesus was laid on a bed, and on Holy Saturday night – in the middle of Mass – they took it off the bed, and then this statue appeared over the main altar:

Risen Christ, Easter Sunday

At this side altar, where I go every morning, everything is all set for the great feast. Do you see what’s woven into the rug? Look carefully!

 Agnello Pasquale

Agnello Pasquale

No Easter bunnies, here, but Easter lambs! In fact, sweet ones are baked and sold in all the pastry shops in Cianciana (and all over Sicily – and Italy, too!). These delicious little cakes have marzipan and pistachios inside them. I went to my favorite pastry shop and asked for one. The owner, whose daughter lives upstairs over the pastry shop, makes these Easter Lambs. Here is Gaetano, carefully wrapping up my Easter Lamb:

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And here are the lambs, made by Gaetano’s daughter:
Agnello di Pasqua

Easter Lambs are very, very sweet, believe me. If you five had been here, I could have shared mine with all of you, even baby Mary, who, I hear, is sometimes eating solid food! I miss you all. HAPPY EASTER!

Love, E.B.

5 thoughts on “***BUONA FESTA!***

  1. What a sweet blog for the Grands! I hope they are being printed off for part of your legacy to them. (probably an old fashioned thing to say….store them electronically?) Happy Easter.

  2. Oh Mary Ellen–how serene you sound! I hope your visit to gorgeous Italia is providing nourishment for your soul and some peace and quiet. How long will you be staying? Will you be traveling around the country while there?
    I’m so sorry to have missed you in SF. Will you return this way any time soon?–It seems there is much to talk about….
    Please give my love to Elizabeth.
    Thank you for including me in your blog–hugs&kisses, Sara
    And, as we once proclaimed: Resurrexit sicut dixit, Alleluia!

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