SUN & SEA & FOOD in Sicily


We stopped for lunch along the Ionian Sea.  Our waiter  said this calamari  had just been caught today.  It tasted delicioius — so fresh!

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Dear Chloe, Ceci, Finn, Gus, Kieran, and Mary –

I am writing this to Chloe Schmidt, too, because it’s her grandma I’m travelling with, and I’m pretty sure Chloe would like to see where her grandma has been this week.

If you look at a map of Sicily, you’ll see that it is surrounded by water.  It is an island very near the bottom of the “boot” of Italy. We have been traveling along the coast of Sicily. This means we have been driving along the sea and through tunnels and over mountain passes, to see all the beautiful towns and cities. Today we passed the volcano, Mt. Etna. Do you know about volcanoes? If not, be sure to ask mom or dad. Look closely at this picture, and you will see the smoke from the small eruptions that have been coming from Etna this week.


Yesterday we went to an outdoor MARKET. It was as big the Fairgrounds and sells everything, from small animals to all kinds of food and clothes, to toothpaste and bracelets.

Bunnies and birds were for sale at the market.

Bunnies and birds were for sale at the market.


Spidey at the market!

Peggy wished we had a kitchen yesterday, because she is a great cook, and the market had amazing seafood.

Peggy wished we had a kitchen yesterday, because she is a great cook, and the market had amazing seafood.

We just arrived in Cefalu today. It probably looks a little like Florida or Mexico to you. To us, it seems like the most beautiful place we’ve visited in Sicily. Here is the picture I just took from the balcony of our little apartment:

Cefalu vista

6 thoughts on “SUN & SEA & FOOD in Sicily

  1. Dear Mary Ellen–Oh, what a great travelogue for your grandchildren! And for us grown-ups too! I hope you’re having a marvelous trip. I’m glad a friend has joined you and that you’re taking in the sights together. Cefalu looks like a modern resort! –Is it? –or are those old, beautiful tile roofs?
    I’m working from home today, and tomorrow I’ll have a late lunch with Midge and Jansie in SF–I’m excited to see them both. Jansie arranged this, and I’m so pleased! I wish you could join us! We’ll take a rain check???
    Happy travels, dear Mary Ellen–Sara

    • Sara – I’ll write more, but for now will say: Cefalu is ancient (yes, those are tiled roofs you’re seeing). The port is full of fishing boats, then up a bit (where we are and beyond), it’s medieval streets, straight out of Cinema Paradiso, which was filmed here.Wonderful stuff. More later, as I say —

  2. Dear Mary Ellen, Thanks so much for sharing your blog about your trip in Sicily! We sure wish that we were with you on this odyssey. Keep the blogs coming; they are our vicarious vacation trips. Love from Cathy and Ed

    • Cathy and Ed, so good to hear from you. My friends in Minnesota are experiencing thunder [six] and snowstorms, so even if I weren’t feeling fortunate in the weather and sights here, I would be lucky to be so far away from all that.Sicily is amazing – I had no idea! – the apartment we have right now (just walked into it – they had an opening, we had a need) is about 50 metres from the water, so beautiful views. Soon, I leave the rapture of his and head back to Elizabeth’s studio in Sicilia, and from there, to Assisi. I’ll be in touch. Thanks again for being in touch. xx Mary Ellen

  3. My Sicilian half is having a vicarious experience and loving it. Thank you for including me on this travel venture. Continue to enjoy. Love, B

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