From the Land of Pi!

Dear Mary, Kieran, Gus, Finn, and Ceci —

Maybe Mom & Dad can tell you the story of Pi, whose father worked in Pondicherry, in a zoo. Or maybe you can read this, Ceci:  An Indian man named “Pi” Patel tells his story: how he was born in Pondicherry, where his father was the zookeeper, and how he (Pi) survived a shipwreck in the Pacific ocean –  on a lifeboat – with a Bengal Tiger named Richard Parker!

I have seen no Bengal Tigers in Pondicherry, but I have seen monkeys, and I have seen cows . I was running from the monkeys, so no photos, but here are some cows I passed today: Cow1If the one in front  looks peaceful, it is because everybody is very careful with these animals. Cars stop for them. If the cows are moving across a street, or walking on a path or sidewalk,  everyone stands aside and makes room for them. These were lounging, so we all just walked by them.

This afternoon, I finally walked along the beach. I think the whole city was there!

I am going to  post this to you now, because the Internet in this cafe is not working very well, and the mosquitoes are loving me too much.   I’ll add a few more photos of the beach next time I have Internet connection and fewer flying things.

I miss you all, and I wish you were here to laugh and make me laugh, too!

Love, Eebie

1 thought on “From the Land of Pi!

  1. Hi Mary Ellen,
    Great postings…and we all love the warm beach pictures. Have a wonderful time in Pi, just moo-oo-oove over for the cows. Thanks, Mary

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