Incredible! INDIA

Dear Ceci, Finn, Gus, Kieran, and Mary – PeacockAt the ashram, you never know when you’ll come upon a peacock. They move in and out of the trees. This one moved really fast, once he saw me!


People visit this temple in Pondicherry when they have diseases, especially Chicken Pox. The priest gives them leaves from a Neem tree. The leaves help cure them. They help dry out the blisters (ask mom and dad –). 

I saw people with Chicken Pox coming here at night.

A few times, I saw people with Chicken Pox coming to this Hindu temple. I took this photo before I realized I was taking a picture of the people who sleep here. They don’t have Chicken Pox, but they don’t have homes, either. They rest here when the sun is really hot.Temple to GaneshaIn this other temple the priest accepts people’s flowers. Then he chants and rings a brass bell. Except for those sounds, the temple is very still.  Everyone is quiet  here, even small children. 

Speaking of children — 

I helped this teacher with “Alice the Camel!” I wish I could teach barefoot in Minnesota…

We just finished  "Alice the Camel"!

We just finished “Alice the Camel”!

4 thoughts on “Incredible! INDIA

  1. Lovely way to share your adventures with the grands….I like the way you give them a glimpse of life beyond Minnesota. So much more relevant when Ebbie does and sees the wonders of another place. All that being said, hurry home!

  2. Dear MaryEllen–another trip to the ashram? wonderful photos–What an education you’re providing your grandchildren!
    I hope to see you soon in Californai???
    Much love, Sara

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