5 Videos: Bullocks, Goats, and some art, too

Hi, Mary, Kieran, Gus, Finn, and Ceci —

Look what I met last week! They were on the road near my hut.

And these,too —

One very hot afternoon in the village, we stopped for some coconut water. It’s called “Tender Coconut.” Watch  this woman slash the coconut! This one, for my friend, was too old – no water – so we just ate the coconut meat.

I met this piper on the beach one Sunday afternoon when I first arrived. It is at the Bay of Bengal.

This young woman was decorating the sidewalk outside the Internet Café in Pondicherry.  She’s not using a stick of sidewalk chalk. It’s powder. Look how fast she works!

3 thoughts on “5 Videos: Bullocks, Goats, and some art, too

  1. The kids were able to view the first two videos. Gus says, “Thank you EB for sending those to me and the other kids. But when we saw them Ceci and Finn were at school. So we will show them when they get home today. When are you coming home? Can we get you at the airport?”

    We don’t have “quicktime” installed so for some reason couldn’t see the last three videos, boo! But they loved the first two!

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