Kids for a Cause: Your Triathlon!

Dear Mary, maybe next year you will come watch your big cousins in this race. This morning they swam, biked, and ran their hearts out.
Dear Kieran, Augustine, Finnian, and Ceci,
You were amazing this morning —

Look who I met as I walked to the race site!

3 w.bikesJPG


Look who I found, paying close attention during doing their pre-swim stretches – 

Then Mom and Gus had a talk about swim strategy — 

I missed your swim prep, Finn, but found Ceci.  Swimming  is serious business for you older kids.

You thought it was just lots of fun, didn’t you, Kieran?

Kieran: swim prep!


…and here you are  being very serious – 

I ran from the pool just in time to catch you after you transitioned to your bike —

Kieran, transitioning

Finn and Ceci, you  were too fast for me – I missed your  bike event, entirely! But I caught Gus finishing the course. In this picture, you have just dismounted, and you are walking your bike, thinking about your run…
Gus: end of bike race

I saw some of the run,  but you were all too fast, so no photos this year.

Then, as  the rain began, FIVE CRONIN FINISHERS took a quick bow.           Congratulations, All!FIVE CRONIN FINISHERS