Easter with DONKEYS

Happy Easter to you,  Francis, Seamus, Mary, Kieran, Augustine, Finnian, and Cecilia —
Hydra, where I’ve spent Holy Week,  is a small island  not far from Athens. NO CARS ALLOWED here, so it’s donkeys, donkeys everywhere. They meet the ferries to carry luggage up to hotels and guesthouses. 


Mostly, they seem to carry loads of…everything: I’ve seen huge  jars of olive oil, of paper towels, and cases of wine, milk, orange juice.

In my days here, I saw  this woman and her donkey a couple times.


Construction workers and their donkeys, I see all the time.

Oh, and here’s what I eat for lunch — delicious, really. Really!


Here are 10 Greek seconds from Mass. Can you guess what those small green leaves are from? Hint: it’s Palm Sunday, not Easter — all over Greece