Missing you already, but…SO THANKFUL!

You six…SUMMER and FALL — remember these moments?

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The driver wasn’t outside Gate 6, but in a little while he appeared, smiling, and talking on his phone!

This lovely family and I shared stories and tips – they are here for a family wedding – during our very, very long flight. 


Look at the driver tying the suitcase to the top with A SINGLE BUNGEE. And it worked!


I think we could put this sign in my apartment courtyard, don’t you? For the bunnies.


This morning, Thursday, I was able to go out to Jeevan  Jyoti, the orphanage run by the Daughters of Charity here in New Delhi. The sisters were lovely, and since it was a Prayer Day, there was just one other volunteer, a young woman from Poland.

The sisters let me join workers doing physical therapy with very disabled, very young  children.   I didn’t see any  babies as young as you, Francis, but one little boy sounded just like you when you get excited. ! Someday, I will tell you all more about these beautiful kids.


(Prayer Day is  also laundry day for the sisters!)




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