Some Wild Things in Kerala!

Hi, Kids —

The south of India has great food and great animals. I could have ridden an elephant, but decided to wait. Maybe in Thailand, where I know how well  their owners take care of them. 


I went on a long boatride one morning and afternoon on the “Backwaters.” That’s where I saw these birds and (wild) dogs

CRANE looking for lunch.

DOGS looking for lunch, too.  

FISHERMEN on Kerala Backwaters…they found their lunch!


Missing you already, but…SO THANKFUL!

You six…SUMMER and FALL — remember these moments?

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The driver wasn’t outside Gate 6, but in a little while he appeared, smiling, and talking on his phone!

This lovely family and I shared stories and tips – they are here for a family wedding – during our very, very long flight. 


Look at the driver tying the suitcase to the top with A SINGLE BUNGEE. And it worked!


I think we could put this sign in my apartment courtyard, don’t you? For the bunnies.


This morning, Thursday, I was able to go out to Jeevan  Jyoti, the orphanage run by the Daughters of Charity here in New Delhi. The sisters were lovely, and since it was a Prayer Day, there was just one other volunteer, a young woman from Poland.

The sisters let me join workers doing physical therapy with very disabled, very young  children.   I didn’t see any  babies as young as you, Francis, but one little boy sounded just like you when you get excited. ! Someday, I will tell you all more about these beautiful kids.


(Prayer Day is  also laundry day for the sisters!)