Swiss Mountains!

Hi, Mary and Francis, 

Today, while Ceci stayed home to prepare for her tests (Pre-IB Exams, they’re called), WE  went to the mountains! Auntie Teresa, Uncle Chris, Finnian, Augustine, Kieran and I.

We had lunch overlooking this trail. It is the Cronins’ favorite bike path  in the Jura Mountains. 

Across the way, we saw Mount Blanc. It  is a very, very big mountain. Do you see the  snow? Even in summer!

Ahead of us, Uncle Chris rode 1/2-way up into the mountains. Finn rode for awhile on paths at the top. As Gus watched,  Uncle Chris helped get Finn’s bike ready for the trails. 

The boys’ lunch began with hot chocolate – the meat was really good (and the bread and the fondue…)

Finn did some good biking before lunch — here, he’s starting on his hot chocolate.

These Tibetan prayer flags were flying everywhere!


Poor Gus – even though he had his cast removed this week, he can’t run. Yet!

Kieran brought along his insect-catcher (and terrarium) — it works!

Uncle Chris takes a bike apart faster than anybody I’ve ever seen!

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