Swiss Mountains!

Hi, Mary and Francis, 

Today, while Ceci stayed home to prepare for her tests (Pre-IB Exams, they’re called), WE  went to the mountains! Auntie Teresa, Uncle Chris, Finnian, Augustine, Kieran and I.

We had lunch overlooking this trail. It is the Cronins’ favorite bike path  in the Jura Mountains. 

Across the way, we saw Mount Blanc. It  is a very, very big mountain. Do you see the  snow? Even in summer!

Ahead of us, Uncle Chris rode 1/2-way up into the mountains. Finn rode for awhile on paths at the top. As Gus watched,  Uncle Chris helped get Finn’s bike ready for the trails. 

The boys’ lunch began with hot chocolate – the meat was really good (and the bread and the fondue…)

Finn did some good biking before lunch — here, he’s starting on his hot chocolate.

These Tibetan prayer flags were flying everywhere!


Poor Gus – even though he had his cast removed this week, he can’t run. Yet!

Kieran brought along his insect-catcher (and terrarium) — it works!

Uncle Chris takes a bike apart faster than anybody I’ve ever seen!

Travels with Benji and Then Some


Hi to Francis and Mary!

Last week I got to take Finn’s great pal Benji to Switzerland for his Spring Break. Benji is  so amazing, so chill, that even our flight attendants thought he went halfway around the world every week or two.

The train ride from the airport was the first time Benji saw Switzerland. I stopped the video before we got to the fields — and the cows with their bells!

Benji arrived, played after Gus and Kieran got home from school — and then he was whisked off to surprise Finn. They went to Verbier, a great place to ski and sled in the Alps, which are the mountains that surround your cousins’ house.

While Benji and the others were gone, my friend Annie  came to visit us. First, we went to Gus’ basketball game.


Afterwards, over his snack,  Annie gave Gus a quick French lesson.


The next day after  church, we went to a Bar Lotto in Lausanne. You can ask mom and dad…😇And then Benji and Finn (and Uncle Chris and Auntie Teresa) returned from the mountains.

One night Benji chose dessert…

One day, he went to school withFinn – I think they chose “Traditional” over “wellness,” that day.
Then Benji and Finn begged Teresa to take them to this HUGE Pokémon store (no photos) Another day we walked into the village. Well, I walked, and they scootered.
The last night of Benji’s visit we had FONDUE. I think you would really like it .

And then just like that, we were back in Minnesota!