“H” is for Hong Kong!

Dear Ceci, Finn, Gus, Kieran, Mary, and Francis,

Happy New Year! I got to talk/video chat/FaceTime  with most of you, so I know you had a great Christmas and New Year. Soon you’ll be back at school, ECFE,  or day care – can you believe it?! 

Before you return, here are a few photos from my days in Hong Kong with Auntie Elizabeth and a Minnesota friend of mine, Jeanne. 

               HONG KONG IS HUGE.

We visited Mongkok, a neighborhood that has more people than ANY PLACE ON EARTH.  Being there was like living inside a kaleidoscope!

This Mongkok  fruit market runs for many blocks.

The 7 towers of Elizabeth’s  complex have more apartments  than St-Saphorin has people —  over 2,000.   On New Year’s Eve, from my bedroom in Elizabeth’s  “Tower 4”  apartment on the 17th floor, I could see a sliver of the wild and beautiful fireworks in Victoria Harbor. 


One  day we visited a huge and beautiful garden inside something called a nunnery. This is a convent for Buddhist nuns. We also visited the temple there, where a Fortune Teller told me I would live a long and lucky life. I told her that I already had, and she laughed and said, “Lucky, more!”


Another time, while Elizabeth worked in her studio on shark’s fin cyanotypes (yes!), Jeanne and I took the Star Ferry to Lamma Island for the day .  We ate mussels, oysters, and shrimp – no shark’s fin for us! It was so sunny, we ate outside looking over the beach.

I loved the time there, and like Elizabeth, I hope you can go visit sometime (and if you go in summer, she has a nice pool…).

PS – A few years ago, Auntie Elizabeth did the drawings and paintings for “H” is for Hong Kong!

Happy First Vespers to KBC: we came for the Sharks & stayed (& stayed) for the Anemone.

Hi, Ceci, Finn, Gus, Mary, and Francis — Tomorrow, Kieran, you will be 5 — great year ahead, but today was just you and I and All. Those.Underwater. Critters. 

I think petting the Stingrays was your favorite moment. Such slime, but (and?) you really liked it.

On the other hand, the Anemone, where we went, then left, then returned, then left and returned again — it was like having your own ROCKPOOLS for an hour.


That Alligator Turtle was impressive for about 10 seconds.

The Sharks were their usual awesome selves.