Uncle Matt’s Gus-Speak + in Vienna


(sometimes if you double-click on the pictures, they’ll enlarge)

Hi, Ceci, Finn, Gus, and Kieran – I think  your uncle/Baby Mary’s dad sounds as if he’s doing Gus-Speak, don’t you?

(he was ordering Auntie Lei, Baby Mary, and me some chocolate pastries!)

We passed many pastry shops and candy stores before we decided on that one.  


Look at the gingerbread!

IMG_5555On our way to dinner at a really old restaurant called The 12 Apostles (there’s a pretty good video on that link, ESPECIALLY IF YOU TURN OFF THE SOUND), we walked through one of the Christmas Markets. Auntie Lei & Uncle Matt were bundled up…

…and look who else was ready for the cold!

In this next picture, can you see the mug Uncle Matt is offering Mary? It’s Gluhwein, an Adult Beverage. He was just pretending. I think.IMG_5552

At night, everyone walks in the streets, and every street has different  lighted decorations. Here’s my favorite: 

Lights like chandeliers!

Lights like chandeliers!

We stopped for awhile to listen to some Christmas music — in Spanish! Ceci and Finn, you’ll recognize this song.